Friday, March 25, 2011

At Human Bean, Hillsboro

Well, I got tired fighting with these high-bandwidth apps online over dial-up so I am at a local coffee shop a few blocks from home. Still trying to find some place closer for when the library is closed. Oh well, free wi-fi has its drawbacks.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Writers Groups

I am currently an active member of two Washington County Oregon writers groups:

Beaverton Evening Writers - meets 1st/3rd Tuesday of the month at Shari's Restaurant, 6035 SW Murray in Beaverton.

Westside Writers - meets 2nd/4th Thursday of the month at a private office in Aloha

Current Projects

While I have a number of projects that I'd like to work on, I'm currently only working on a screenplay for a short film and some short stories. In the future I plan to work on novels as well but want to get some experience (and maybe a little ink) first.

My short screenplay has been workshopped and is ready for another draft.

I am also actively working on several short stories, one of which will be workshopped during March.

At Shute Park Library