Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fuzzy at Free Friends PDX

My writing has suffered a lot recently thanks to all my volunteering. Simply put, after my hours at the library and Senior Center, I don't have much left inside. The apartment is a disaster and I'm plum worn out.

Unfortunately, volunteers are difficult to find for Senior Center Bingo, so the really don't want to lose me. And, truth be told, it's good to feel like the work I'm doing makes a difference. All I have to do is not show up one Wednesday (as I now do on the fourth Wednesday of the month) and I'm greeted with lots of warm welcomes.

Sure, the library staff appreciate the help as well, but they have lots of permanent staff and many volunteers. But for the first hour on Tuesday's they have difficulty finding a place for me. It's okay when I'm doing well; I help with pulls or shelving DVDs. But when I'm not doing well, like last Tuesday, there's nothing for it.

I've already cut my time on Fridays by a third. Will have to talk with the supervisor about Tuesdays and make a decision.

Back on Key

I've got plenty that I want to work on both in finishing my Japanese Fairy Story and researching the vampire story (with my own special twist on the now saturated genre). So it's not an issue of inspiration: it's a matter of fatigue.

Plus I want to be able to get out and enjoy life now and then a bit. Even if only after having a tooth worked on...

Just sipping on some Moroccan mint ice tea at Three Friends in Portland.